Care and attention

to your well-being

Abandon yourself to the pleasure of our spa treatments, treat your body and mind to a really long moment of passion

Treat your body and soul to a really long moment of passion. Choose one of our spa treatments and let yourself be cradled by the expert hands of our specialists. With carefully-controlled movements, enveloped by the fragrance of essences appropriate for the season, you can give yourself up to a journey of discovery in a universe of passion and well-being.

Holistic massages

from 50 minute (70 €)

  • Japanese harmony: cradled by the sound of Japanese bells on the skin
  • Candle massage: expert massage, performed with a shea-scented candle
  • Thai oil with reiki harmonisation: invigorating massage, like a yoga session
  • Maori: deep, tension-relieving massage

Alpine massages

from 50 minute (60 €)

  • Piroche sports: personalised treatment for sportspeople
  • New dreams: relaxing massage with essences of Citrus aurantium, Lavandula and Pinus sylvestris
  • Alpine source: a gentle touch to drain the whole body
  • Swedish massage: tension-relieving, with essences of mint, pino silvestre and birch

partial massages

from 25 minute (35 €)

  • Craniosacral: de-stresses the back, shoulders and neck
  • Tuning fork facial: reduces headaches and mental stress
  • French lymphatic drainage: drains excess fluids
  • Energising legs and feet: relieves the extremities

Facial treatments

from 50 minute (60 €)

  • For men: gives the skin new energy, making it young and fresh
  • Phytostaminal: rejuvenates the skin thanks to alpine rose stem cells
  • Expression: a natural lifting treatment, for a more relaxed and hydrated skin
  • Purifying: eliminates impurities, restores the pH balance and the hydrolipid barrier

Body Mask

form 1h and 30 minute (85 €)

  • Draining: anti-oedema cellulite treatment with centella and final lymph drainage massage
  • Firming: reactivating, anti-cellulite treatment with red algae and coffee, with final circulatory massage
  • Arnica montana: scrub and mask with Bondone arnica, tension-relieving massage with arnica oil. Personalised application of taping with an anti-fatigue and draining effect
  • Alpine rose: rhododendron stem cell scrub and mask with a regenerating and protective effect, specific serum and revitalising massage

Body Fast

from 25 minute (35 €)

  • Apple scrub and mask: purifying
  • Chocolate scrub and mask: toning
  • Mandarin scrub and mask: relaxing
  • Grape scrub and mask: nourishing

Massages for children

up to 16 years of age

from 25 minute (19 €)

  • Classic massage: relaxing and soothing, for older children
  • Perceptive massage: guess the five objects used in the massage
  • Chocolate massage: sweet and delicious
  • Candle massage: with the scent of tropical fruit
  • Cosmetic treatments


  • Semi-permanent removal, 15 minutes (€10)
  • Male/female manicure, 40 minutes (20€)
  • Manicure with Orly reinforcing polish, 40 minutes (35€)
  • Manicure with Orly semi-permanent polish, 60 minutes (40€)
  • Manicure with Orly semi-permanent French polish, 60 minutes (40€)
  • Classic male/female pedicure, 60 minutes (35€)
  • Male/female wellness pedicure, 90 minutes (45€)
  • Pedicure with Orly semi-permanent polish, 70 minutes (55€)
  • Semi-permanent polish only, hands or feet having previous manicure or pedicure, 25 minutes (€20)
  • Total epilation, 60 minutes (excluding groin, 50€)
  • Partial epilation, 30 minutes (legs or arms, excluding groin, 30€)
  • Groin epilation, 15 minutes (total or partial, 15€)
  • Small epilations, 10 minutes (underarms or eyebrows, upper lip, 10€)