Going on holiday is not a good reason to be lazy.

Our Monte Bondone gymnasiums

You can train, keep fit and have fun throughout your holiday in our Monte Bondone gymnasiums

At the Hotel Montana we care as much about fun as about the physical fitness of our guests. We have therefore acquired the necessary space to accommodate not one but two gymnasiums on Monte Bondone. A fitness gym, dedicated to anyone who wants to keep fit even when they’re on holiday, and a bouldering gym, designed for all lovers of this climbing technique.

Technogym gymnasium

Set up at the beginning of 2015, our fitness gym is equipped with two exercise bikes, two treadmills, two lat machines, a weight bench and soft and postural exercise equipment; all Techonogym-brand equipment. Fitness lovers can use the gym and there are dedicated locker rooms for them.

The bouldering gym

Bouldering is defined as a form of climbing performed on a concave surface, with few holds and a series of obligatory traverses. The surface can either be a large stone or an artificial structure like the one in our gymnasium. In both cases ropes and harnesses are not used. However, if you fall in the gym you land on comfortable mattresses. The height is obviously restricted. Housed in a room on the hotel’s ground floor, the Montana’s bouldering gym is perfect for both enthusiasts of the discipline and for beginners who want to try it for the first time. Bouldering equipment is also available at the gym.