The Montana’s stube,

secluded and welcoming

The stube is the ideal place for those looking for a little tranquillity, but it is also the setting for the cultural events we organise in the hotel

We really love our stube. It’s a secluded, private place, always open for anyone seeking tranquillity to read a book, browse the newspaper or simply have a little time alone.

This small room located near the bar and restaurant is also our way of recreating, inside the hotel, a place of great importance in Trentino mountain culture. All the farmsteads in our region have a stube.

We often pay homage to this tradition by opening the doors of our stube to a series of niche events, designed for a few passionate enthusiasts. Thus, Trentino grappa-tasting evenings, meetings with local food producers (from cheeses to organic drinks and much more besides) and book presentations take place here. Evenings attended by an attentive public interested in an open and inclusive cultural offer.