The Hotel Montana’s


Spacious and enhanced by a full range of amenities, the hotel’s auditorium is the ideal place for conventions and conferences

Hotel Montana’s auditorium is much more than a conference space. It is, in fact, a truly multi-purpose hall and is perfect if you are looking for a location for a conference, company meeting, refresher course, award ceremony or party with a large number of participants. It is equally suited to hosting the large number of events we organise for our guests, such as music festivals, cinema evenings, karaoke, theatre performances, pyjama parties for children and award ceremonies for sports groups.

Located on the lower level of reception, it can be reached easily either by lift or via the main stairs. A secondary entrance assists in the loading and unloading of any cars or vans. The room is completely soundproofed. From 2019 Sky Sports and DAZN subscriptions are also active, allowing you to watch championship and European cup football matches.


Thanks to its amenities, this is one of the most complete meeting and convention spaces in the area.

  • Entrance for the disabled or people with mobility problems
  • Soundproofing
  • Lockable storage area
  • The stage can be installed/dismantled
  • Large white screen
  • Projector
  • Cables for PC connection
  • Audio system
  • Microphones
  • Side cork panels to hang banners/posters
  • Carpeted floor with an area about 44-metres square in smooth wood
  • Chairs, some with a writing table, with a capacity of up to 90 people